Wednesday, July 25, 2007

ISSI - Week Two Highlights

Much like week one, the Institute provided an abundance of content material, many teaching strategies/models, and excellent cultural opportunities. Here are the highlights:

Silk Road Bayram

On Sunday evening (7/15), the participants attended the Silk Road Bayram. Put on by the Inner Asian and Uralic Resource Center @ Indiana University, the Bayram provided a great deal of exposure to the music and culture of the region.

Nyaka AIDS Orphans School

Many of us have asked ourselves, "What can one person do to help solve the world's problems?"

T. Jackson Kaguri is a living example that answers that very question. Having grown up in the small rural village of Nyaka in southwest Uganda, Kaguri knew what devastation was being wrought by the AIDS epidemic. He and his wife decided that something needed to be done to care for the orphans of AIDS victims. With little money, they started the Nyaka AIDS Orphans School. The project has grown to include a second school, and with his boundless energy, Kaguri is planning future projects.

As you may have noticed, I have listed the Nyaka School on my list of worthy causes. You can find out how to contribute by visiting the school website. I know that they are currently looking for used (but functioning) laptop computers.

Giving Back in Bloomington

On Tuesday (7/17), Institute participants went out into Bloomington to perform community service.

Given the choice between the Community Kitchen, the Shalom Center (which also includes a kitchen), and a Bloomington Parks and Rec project at Lake Griffy; I could not pass up the chance to spend some time on the trails. And it really was hard work!! Those of us at the lake hauled mulch up onto the trails while others worked to clear the trails for hikers. It was a nice diversion from the intensive seminars which normally filled the afternoons.

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