Friday, January 11, 2008

New Opportunity - 2008 Summer Institute for Secondary Teachers

2008 Summer Institute for Secondary Teachers

“China’s Transformations on the Eve of the Olympics”

Program for Teaching East Asia

Center for Asian Studies

University of Colorado at Boulder

July 21-30, 2008

All eyes are on China as it prepares for the 2008 Olympics. At such a critical time, it is important for American students and teachers to understand the dynamic issues that define China today. Summer institute participants will analyze China’s recent economic, political, and social changes, including such issues as political changes and individual freedom issues; environmental challenges of rapid modernization; the growing divides between rich and poor, urban and rural in China today; as well as insights into world media coverage of China and the Olympics. The following questions will help contextualize the program:

· What historical factors have helped foster China’s recent economic, political, and social changes?

· What do these unprecedented changes mean for the various interest groups involved: the Chinese government, the Chinese people, the countries of Asia and of the world?

· How do the Olympics symbolize China’s rise to global prominence? Will the Games ultimately benefit the Chinese government or its critics?

All major participant costs of the institute are covered through a grant by the Freeman Foundation.

Applications are available at and must be received by March 7. For more information, e-mail

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